As Seen On the Daily Mail – Ultimate and Easy Halloween Makeup

Ultimate and Easy Halloween Makeup

I love Halloween. Simply put. Always did. It's a chance to be creative, pull out your inner kid, eat a lot of candy just because, and of course, go a little crazy with your makeup and hair. I was invited to do a live Halloween makeup segment on the Daily Mail's Facebook page this week. I came up with two relatively easy and inexpensive Halloween makeup looks that many of us can do right at home and with makeup products we may already have. If you missed the segment, you can always watch it here and follow my steps below for achieving these two looks.

Skeleton or Skele-kitty

What began as a skeleton but merged into a skele-kitty per my model's request as we added whiskers after the taping of this video, this is an easy and simple look the biggest "makeup dummy" can achieve:

Ultimate and Easy Halloween Makeup
  1. Trace the eye sockets and nose with black eyeliner. Fill in with either a black gel liner you already have at home or purchase black Halloween cream makeup from your drug store and fill in.
  2. Mix white Halloween cream face makeup with a very light foundation and paint all over the face including lips, avoiding the black areas.
  3. Take your black eyeliner and draw lines over the lips and bring out into a "smile".
  4. Take a burgundy or dark purple colored gel liner, and with a stippling brush, lightly "contour" under the cheekbones, around the top of the forehead, and between the eyebrows to look "angry".
  5. Don't forget the hair! Tease it up. Make it look messy. Spray on some white or silver colored hair spray and pin spider webs into the hair.

If you're feeling advanced, take a fine black eyeliner and draw some cracks on the skull, and to add an extra element of creepiness, pop in some eerie colored contacts.

Zombie or Bride of Frankenstein

Here's a look that is versatile and can be modified to fit your costume. Although a little more complex that the classic skeleton, this is one that you can still make work with most of the makeup you already have in your drawer.

  1. Start with the eyes. Use an array of eerie colors, like purples, greens, and oranges. Smoke out the outer corner of the eye, and line underneath for a dark and spooky look. You can wing out your eyeliner should you choose. Dramatic and spiked false lashes give extra emphasis and dimension. Follow up with filling in the eyebrows with a dark brown or black pencil.
  2. Like the skeleton, paint the face white with the same makeup as used above.
  3. Contour with a stippling brush and dark burgundy or purple gel liner. Just make sure to go light with the application.
  4. Line the lips with a black pencil and proceed to fill in the lip with the same pencil. Then take a super dark burgundy or purple lip color and swipe all over.
  5. Draw on your stiches using black, red, and white eye/lip liners. I squirted some fake blood on the stiches for extra effect. Nothing fancy about the application.
Easy Halloween Makeup

Take the same spider webs and white hair spray, and tease the hair! Hell, throw in some twigs, plastic spiders, etc. As for your costume, I'm a big thrift store/flea market shopper when it comes to Halloween. See what you can piece together if you have the time. You're sure to be the only one with your costume!