Chic in Cannes

Nicolette Brycki - Chic in Cannes

Prepare to spend some money when you're in Cannes. It's the home to France's wealthy, and of course THE spot for the annual film festival. Since Cannes is a beach town, obviously, beach time can't fall short of being chic, so plan on wearing your best bikinis to blend right into the beautiful people. If you'd like to rent a nice, comfy beach chair and parasol at one of the swanky, yet cramped beaches, plan on spending on average of 30 euros per person, which equals about $40 for the day. Of course, you're not factoring the Evian water you'll have to buy, or the bottle of wine that the white linen-clad servers will bring out to you to enjoy. Les vacances, in Cannes, can be expensive.

I found a gem of a beach, appropriately called "Bisou Plage" which was less cramped than the other touristy beaches, and the private beach where all the local French go. Now, this is where I noticed a real difference in American beach style versus French beach style. We, Americans, for the most part, think greasy, but oh-so-yummy boardwalk food and soda as lunch time fare at the beach. At the Cannes beaches, they serve light salads on china, and the thing to do, bien sur, is to buy a bottle of white or rose, which they bring out to you with wine glasses. Hey, I'm not complaining.

The French also make sure to look their chicest when going to the beach. You'll find smaller bikinis for the girls, and guys, you're wearing shorter swim trunks in trendy colors and patterns. Ladies, don't forget the floppy hat, and big sunglasses to look tres important! French men wear fitted T-shirts, fitted shorts, and brightly colored shoes. They're not afraid of sporting the latest trends, and even making a few up on their own. And, I gotta say, they look pretty darn good.