Clean & Green

Clean and Green
Clean and Green

Foods that are organic and gluten free have become buzz words in the culinary space. But, did you know that the same awareness is all the rage in skincare and beauty as well?

I recently went onto Phl 17 to discuss clean and green beauty and introduced fabulous products that I personally tested. From cleansing waters to neck contouring serums to all natural lip scrubs, the selection of products are enough to make any beauty queen feel extra health concious!

Green and Clean

One of my favorites in the lineup was an ultra concentrated skin serum called Heart of Gold Elixir by Gavee Gold. Made with 24 karat gold, the skin brightening concentrate made a noticable difference in my skin after just two applications. Tiffany Anderson, founder and cancer survivor, knew that great ingredients and super nutrients were essential in skin restoration. Organic, natural, cruelty-free, and safe in pregnancy, it is a must for a rich dose of Vitamin C!

Clean and Green

All the products featured in the segment fell into at least one category with many of them overlapping several: non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, organic, safe in pregnancy, all natural, and/or gluten-free. Some contained active or principal ingredients derived from nature. In a world where reading the backs of containers has become the norm, it made me feel great not only as a spokesperson, but also as a consumer like anyone to know there are products on the market I can trust.

I always say that your makeup only looks as good as what is underneath it. Great skincare is essential. Hopefully, you had a chance to check out the segment, and learn a little bit more about clean and green beauty. Always here to help!