Five-Step Spring 2016 Wedding Wear Checklist

Nicolette Brycki - Five-Step Spring 2016 Wedding Wear Checklist

I love weddings, especially during this time of year. Between the anticipation of seeing the bride walk down the aisle (yes, I cry every time) to getting all glammed up, beautiful weddings are simply a beautiful time. With the warmer weather, I actually can't wait to jump out of my sweats and put on a beautiful gown! Isn't that what being a girl is all about?

Pale pink or rose quartz is such a hot color this season, so I thought that a sheer, tulle, beaded gown would be perfect at the wedding I attended at an upscale venue. I completed my look with a rose gold leather clutch, silvery shoes, mauve-grey nails, and a pashmina.

This brings me to my next topic. What on earth should you wear to a wedding? As I looked around the beautiful ballroom, I observed modern-day wedding wear, and realized I needed to provide some direction to my readers. Check out my checklist to be sure you've got what it takes to arrive appropriately dressed at your next bash.

  1. Makeup and Hair. Up the ante a little bit more here. Looking wedding-ready means taking a little more effort in personal grooming from head to toe.
  2. Gauge it. Long or short? Both work, but typically, longer dresses or gowns are more elegant. Gauge what you wear by the type of venue and wardrobe specifications on the invitation. Save the sundress for the company picnic, unless you are attending a very casual backyard wedding, and take some time to pull out something more dressy.
  3. Accessorize! A long, plain gown can look classy and dressed-up with the right jewelry and accessories. Think rhinestones, glitzy pearls, and costume jewelry.
  4. Footwear. Keep your shoes on. If possible, avoid removing your shoes for more "comfortable" footwear especially at a formal wedding.
  5. Outerwear. Leave the puffy jackets and casual outwear at home. For cooler temperatures, a faux fur is a great outerwear option. A pashmina provides perfect coverage for warmer weather weddings and keeps your look refined.