Getting Lost in Paris

Nicolette Brycki - Getting Lost in Paris

I’ve been in France for over a week, and when I look up and around me at times, I sometimes still can’t believe that I’m here. One of the best things to do in Paris is find a pretty neighborhood or market, and just get lost. The other day, I walked out of my apartment on Rue de Clichy in the 9th district and made my way up to the Sacre Coeur neighborhood, using my “plan” to find my way through winding streets. Sheer joy and astonishment filled my eyes, as I slowly walked down Rue des Abesses, admiring the beautiful flower shops, bakeries, patisseries, cheese shops, charcuteries, and little boutiques. The sun was trying to peek through the gray and cloudy summer sky in Paris, but I didn’t care that the weather wasn’t perfect.

Not another thought in the world entered my mind, except that it would have been nice to share this moment with someone special, and I let myself walk and wander, eventually falling

upon the Basilica of Sacre Coeur, which sits on a hill top, and is quite majestic. I eventually gave into my French patisserie temptation, and bought a tarte tatin, which I gobbled up in 60 seconds. The point is, that sometimes not having a particular agenda in Paris is the best agenda you can have. On your next trip, make your way to Rue Des Abesses, or another quaint Parisian street, and lose yourself in the scents and images of the city.