How to Travel Alone without Feeling Alone

Nicolette Brycki - How to Travel Alone without Feeling Alone

Happy Bastille Day, France! I’m lucky enough to be in France for their national holiday and partake in the festivities. Bastille Day here feels a bit like the Fourth of July; you want to party with your friends and family, and enjoy the celebrations and fireworks. What happens, though, if you are traveling alone, and a holiday like Bastille Day pops up? It’s no fun to feel alone.

This brings me to, “How to Travel Alone without Feeling Alone.” Traveling alone is intimidating! I’ve been in Antibes, France for a week. I arrived here, not knowing anyone or anything about this area, except for the fact that it has amazing beaches and plenty of sunshine. Although many would say, “You’re so lucky to be in France,” to be alone in a beautiful town in a foreign country, can actually be quite hard. Naturally, there are times you miss the lifestyle you have back home, but to make the very best of the situation, the following will make your next solo vacation feel more convivial.

1. Check out a site like, where you can rent rooms from people and essentially live with them during your stay. By doing this, you can potentially get to know your roommate, and spend time together on your voyage.

2. Get out and about, and don’t be afraid to ask and answer questions. The French, at least, tend to be curious about you when they know you’re a tourist or hear an accent. Strike up a conversation, or be open to meeting out for a coffee or drink, in a public place of course.

3. I got this suggestion from a friend of mine. is a website for travelers who want to meet other travelers or locals from the area. I actually met someone through this website, and had a wonderful evening with him at an outdoor cafe.

4. Don’t stay stuck inside! Get out and have dinner by yourself. I know it feels awkward, but you never know who may be seated next to you at a restaurant.

5. Enjoy your own company! Explore the town, go for a walk, treat yourself to an amazing pastry(GUILTY!). It’s not so bad to have alone time, and I find it soothing, relaxing, and peaceful to have my own agenda.

Now, off to the beach. I have two days left here, and I have to make the most of them.