New Year’s Glitter Can Be Re-Glammed

Nicolette Brycki - New Year's Glitter Can Be Re-Glammed

I rarely go shopping for a dress for a special occasion. You wouldn't think that be the case if you looked in my "fancy" closet, where I stash all my beautiful dresses. Each dress has a story; having been worn for a special occasion like my prom or the Miss New Jersey pageant I was in. Others are waiting to be worn. I find that I get the best dresses when I'm really not looking for them, and for the best prices.

I wore last year's BCBG green sequined dress for the first time this New Year's. I love that it had a longer sleeve, so it was a bit warmer than my sister's choice (although she looked stunning in her Trina Turk). Vivid green is one of my favorite colors to wear too, because it's different than what you see many other women wearing.

When I'm deciding on whether or not to buy an evening dress, I make sure to ask myself if it's re-wearable. In other words, do I love it so much that I'll want to re-wear it. With all the options out there in evening wear, take a moment to go through this checklist before making your decision:

  1. Do I have anything else like this in my closet already?
  2. Is this a dress I'll definitely want to rewear? That might help you decide if it's worth the purchase if you're on the fence.
  3. Does it make a statement?
  4. Am I making an impulsive purchase? If the answer is "yes", put your wallet away!
  5. Do you LOVE it? If you love it, and it makes you happy, go ahead and treat yourself.