New York Street Style

New York Street Style

A recent business trip to NYC prompted me to write a blog on NYC street style. No one does it like NY, right? Naturally, all walks of life flood the streets of NYC on any given day meaning that any kind of fashion trend is bound to pop up. One style I wanted to report on is the chic and edgy NY street style I kept seeing. Inspired by a mix of athleisure, grunge, and the classic NYC black wardrobe, this modern street style kept popping up on my walk back to Penn Station, and I kinda liked it.

Actually, I liked it a lot!

Much different from sloppy athleisure, this kind of althleisure, if you'll call it that, is carefully styled despite the effort to make it look like it was just thrown together. Cool, casual, and a little hip hop/rocker chic, it ain't going anywhere.

Some of the trends I noticed in this fashion-forward style were of course the quintessential NY black, leggings or anything tight and skinny on the bottom, kicked up kicks, and a touch of edge, be it in a hairstyle, tattoo, or cool pair of shades.

To rock this look, and bring a touch of NYC to your closet, remember these quick and easy steps:

  1. Footwear counts. Here is a great place to start: Footlocker Women's Nike Air Max 90
  2. Leggings or skinny jeans. At this point, you most likely have at least one of them, so no real need to do any extra shopping.
  3. Something black. Be it your hat, leather jacket, top, whatever. It's fabulous.
  4. That wildcard. This is the key to giving that rocker chic edge. Do something a little different with your hair. Wear a crop top. Show off the tattoo. Rip a whole in your jeans. Go wild girlfriend.

Take your look to the next level, and remember, stay chic!

XO - Nicolette