The One Absolute In Your Leather Blazer

Nicolette Brycki - The One Absolute In Your Leather Blazer

Black. Fitted. Like peanut butter and jelly, it elevates just about anything in your closet. I can't even begin to express how often I reach for this blazer. So much so that I force myself to be more creative and reach for other things, but I always seem to come back to this guy. Why? Because I know that every single time I put it on, it will look good. No, not good. Great. To have a no-brainer, easy go-to like that is essential for everyone.

Did I mention that it's the easiest way to look chic and polished? You'll wear your fitted blazer with everything from casual to dressy. Your sweats. Your jeans. Your skirts. Your dresses.

What's the key though? Are they all made equal?

The answer is no. Here's the one what you need to look for when blazer shopping, and don't make that purchase until you check off this box:

1. The Cut. By far the most important characteristic to look for in a leather blazer, this is what will take an average looking silhouette and make it appear more expensive, more luxe, and so much better. End of story.

That was easy!

  • Blazer: Theory
  • Dress: BCBG
  • Photography: Foxulee
  • Styling/Makeup/Hair: Nicolette Brycki