Makeup Prep Tips: What to Know Before you Go

  1. BRING photos if possible. Nicolette will make every effort to achieve a result as close as possible to the desired look.
  2. CONSIDER the natural structure of your face. Just like the same dress will look different on two different people, so will the makeup. Eye shape, facial contour, skin texture, age, complexion, and other nuances must be taken into account. In other words, a sexy smoky eye on Selena Gomez will look totally different on Taylor Swift as it will look on Nicole Richie as it will look on you.
  3. BE CLEAR. The makeup artist cannot read your mind. Nicolette will ask you a number of questions to get a general feel for what it is you like and do not like. This is why a trial is necessary before the wedding; so that both parties are on the same page.
  4. EDD - EVALUATE. DISCUSS. DECIDE. Evaluate the result at the end of the trial. Discuss the result clearly, and communicate any requests openly. Decide on a wedding day makeup game plan!
  5. PERFECTION. We will surely come close, but it is ok if things are not totally perfect at your trial. This is a time to figure things out so the big day runs as smooth as possible.
  6. TRY to come alone. A former bride, Nicolette knows firsthand that other opinions can have a negative effect on your own interpretation of things. There will always be someone who likes something a different way. It is your day. Your opinion and the professional opinion of your makeup artist are what matter most.
  7. COME Cute. In other words, come to your trial as close as possible to the way you will look on your wedding day. Have your hair look presentable, bring similar jewelry, clothing colors and accessories, so you have a pretty good feeling as to what to expect on the big day.
  8. PROVIDE a list or please mention any allergies or product concerns.
  9. NICOLETTE takes her time to ensure a great result. A trial can go as long as two hours. If a trial goes longer as a result of lateness or indecisiveness of the client, a $25 per hour additional fee may be added.
  10. COMMUNICATION is key. If you are selective, then be as transparent as possible. At the end of the day, it is just makeup, and anything can be tweaked.
  11. GRATUITY is not included in the overall trial fee and is appreciated for recognition of excellent service.
  12. ENJOY Yourself. Treat your trial like a couple hours at the spa. It is relaxing and enjoyable. And, if possible, plan for something fun to do afterwards like brunch, lunch or a night out.